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Discover Accessible Health Care: Dundalk Health Center & Baltimore County WIC


Are you seeking comprehensive healthcare services, including prenatal care, well-child visits, and immunization services? Look no further than Dundalk Health Center and Baltimore County WIC, dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible healthcare for individuals and families.

We understand the challenges of finding reliable healthcare, especially for those facing financial constraints or experiencing health disparities. Dundalk Health Center and Baltimore County WIC strive to make healthcare accessible to all, offering a range of services tailored to meet diverse needs.

Dundalk Health Center and Baltimore County WIC offer a safety net for families, ensuring access to essential healthcare services

Dundalk Health Center and Baltimore County WIC provide a wide range of services to promote the health and well-being of individuals and families, including:

  • Prenatal care: Providing comprehensive care for expectant mothers to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.
  • Well-child visits: Regular checkups for children from birth to adolescence to monitor growth and development, and to provide necessary vaccinations.
  • Immunization services: Administering vaccines to prevent various childhood diseases, ensuring the protection of children's health.
  • Family planning services: Providing information and resources for individuals and families to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.
  • Nutrition counseling: Offering guidance on healthy eating habits and nutrition to promote overall well-being.
  • WIC services: Providing supplemental nutrition assistance and nutrition education to eligible women, infants, and children.
  • Dental care: Offering dental services such as cleanings, exams, and treatments to maintain oral health.

Dundalk Health Center and Baltimore County WIC work together to improve the health of individuals and families in the community

Dundalk Health Center and Baltimore County WIC are committed to improving the health of individuals and families in the community. By providing affordable, accessible healthcare services, we aim to reduce health disparities and promote overall well-being. Through our comprehensive range of services, we strive to ensure that everyone in the community has the opportunity to live a healthy life.

Dundalk Health Center

Dundalk Health Center: A Guiding Light for Community Health and Well-being

Dundalk Health Center stands as a beacon of hope and healing, serving the diverse community of Baltimore County. Guided by a mission of providing accessible, high-quality healthcare to all, this comprehensive health center has become an integral part of the region's healthcare landscape. Through its wide range of services, exceptional staff, and commitment to patient-centered care, Dundalk Health Center is transforming lives and empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being.

A Legacy of Compassionate Care

Established in 1972, Dundalk Health Center has a rich history of providing exceptional healthcare services to the community. Over the years, the center has grown and evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of its patients. Today, it serves as a primary care provider for thousands of individuals, offering a comprehensive array of medical, dental, and behavioral health services under one roof.

Advancing Health Equity through Patient-Centered Care

At the heart of Dundalk Health Center's mission is a deep commitment to patient-centered care. The center's team of compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive care to every patient. They strive to understand the unique needs and circumstances of each individual, working collaboratively to develop customized treatment plans that promote optimal health outcomes.

Comprehensive Services for Total Well-being

Dundalk Health Center offers a wide range of healthcare services to cater to the diverse needs of its patients. These services include:

1. Medical Care: Dundalk Health Center provides comprehensive medical care, including preventive screenings, routine checkups, chronic disease management, and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses.

2. Dental Care: The center's state-of-the-art dental clinic offers a full range of dental services, including cleanings, fillings, root canals, and restorative treatments.

3. Behavioral Health Services: The center recognizes the importance of mental and emotional well-being and provides counseling, therapy, and medication management for a variety of mental health conditions.

4. WIC Program: The center's WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program provides nutritional support and counseling to pregnant women, new mothers, and children up to age five.

5. Community Outreach Programs: Dundalk Health Center actively engages with the community through outreach programs that focus on health education, disease prevention, and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Baltimore County WIC

Baltimore County WIC: Nurturing Healthy Families

The Baltimore County WIC program, housed within Dundalk Health Center, plays a pivotal role in supporting the nutritional needs of women, infants, and children in the region. WIC provides a comprehensive range of services to eligible participants, including:

  • Nutritional counseling and education
  • Access to healthy foods through monthly food packages
  • Breastfeeding support and education
  • Referrals to other health and social services

Dundalk Health Center: A Leader in Community Health

Dundalk Health Center has earned a reputation as a leader in community health. The center's commitment to quality and innovation has been recognized through numerous awards and accolades, including:

  • Health Center Quality Leader Award from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
  • Maryland Primary Care Association (MPCA) Quality Award
  • Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC, Inc.) Quality and Leadership Award

A Glimpse into the Future: Expanding Horizons

Dundalk Health Center is continuously striving to expand its reach and impact. The center has plans to open additional locations to serve more communities in Baltimore County. Additionally, it aims to enhance its telehealth capabilities to provide convenient and accessible care to patients in remote areas or with limited mobility.


Dundalk Health Center stands as a pillar of strength and support for the community, providing comprehensive, compassionate, and high-quality healthcare services to all who seek them. Through its patient-centered approach, diverse range of services, and commitment to community health, Dundalk Health Center is making a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals.


  1. What is the eligibility criteria for the Baltimore County WIC program?

To be eligible for the Baltimore County WIC program, individuals must meet certain income and residency requirements. Additionally, pregnant women, new mothers, and children up to age five are eligible to participate. Please contact Dundalk Health Center for more information about eligibility criteria.

  1. What services does the WIC program provide?

The WIC program provides comprehensive nutritional support and education to eligible participants. Services include nutritional counseling, access to healthy foods through monthly food packages, breastfeeding support, and referrals to other health and social services.

  1. How do I enroll in the WIC program?

To enroll in the WIC program, contact Dundalk Health Center to schedule an appointment. Please bring proof of identity, income, and residency along with you.

  1. Is there a cost to participate in the WIC program?

The WIC program is free to eligible participants.

  1. What if I need medical care but am uninsured?

Dundalk Health Center offers a sliding fee scale for medical services based on income. Additionally, the center can assist patients in applying for health insurance coverage through Medicaid or other programs.

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