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Ramon Velez Health Center

The Ramon Velez Health Center: A Comprehensive Healthcare Provider

Access to healthcare is a universal right that everyone should have. Regardless of their social, economic, or cultural background, individuals should have equal opportunities to avail themselves of healthcare services that can significantly impact their overall wellbeing. To achieve this goal, community health centers like the Ramon Velez Health Center in New York City provide comprehensive healthcare services to underserved populations.


The Ramon Velez Health Center is named after its founder, Ramon Velez, a devoted physician who wanted to address the lack of access to affordable and quality healthcare for low-income communities in the Bronx. The center has been operating for over two decades and has become a vital institution for residents who would otherwise have limited access to healthcare services.

Services Offered

The Ramon Velez Health Center provides a wide range of services, including primary care, dental care, behavioral health, women’s health, pediatrics, laboratory, radiology, and specialty care. These services are offered to patients regardless of their ability to pay, and patients with insurance are also welcomed. The center offers a sliding fee scale for uninsured patients, which enables them to pay for services based on what they can afford.

Primary Care

The primary care services at the Ramon Velez Health Center emphasize the importance of prevention and early detection of diseases. The center has a team of qualified physicians and nurse practitioners who provide routine physical exams, immunizations, chronic disease management, and other services to patients. The team collaborates to provide personalized care for each patient, ensuring their medical needs are addressed holistically.

Dental Care

Dental health plays an essential role in maintaining good overall health, and the Ramon Velez Health Center offers a comprehensive dental program that provides services like preventive care, restorative care, oral surgery, and emergency dental services. Patients receive personalized and compassionate dental care from a team of experienced dentists that understand each patient’s unique needs.

Behavioral Health

The Ramon Velez Health Center recognizes the importance of behavioral health in maintaining good overall health. The center provides mental health services to patients struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other concerns. Patients have access to licensed social workers, counselors, and psychiatrists that provide therapy, medication management, and other individualized services.

Specialty Care

The Ramon Velez Health Center provides specialty care services to patients with specific health needs. These services include cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, dermatology, pulmonology, and other specialties. Patients receive high-quality coordinated care from a team of specialists that work together to address their specific needs.

Women’s Health

The Ramon Velez Health Center provides comprehensive women’s health services to promote women’s wellness and support their overall health. The center offers services like obstetrics and gynecological care, family planning, breast cancer screening, and other women’s health services. Women of all ages can receive compassionate and personalized care from an experienced team of healthcare providers.


Children require specialized healthcare services, and the Ramon Velez Health Center provides pediatric care to support children’s physical, emotional, and developmental well-being. The center offers well-child exams, immunizations, and other pediatric services. The team of pediatricians has the expertise and compassion required to provide high-quality care that meets the unique needs of each child.

Laboratory and Radiology Services

The Ramon Velez Health Center offers on-site laboratory and radiology services, enabling patients to receive prompt and accurate diagnostic services. The center has state-of-the-art technology, and patients receive personalized service from experienced laboratory and radiology professionals. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of results and enables patients to receive prompt treatment.


The Ramon Velez Health Center provides comprehensive healthcare services to create a healthier Bronx community. Patients receive high-quality care from a team of compassionate healthcare providers that provide personalized attention, regardless of their ability to pay. By providing preventative, diagnostic, and treatment services, the center contributes significantly to the overall wellbeing of the community it serves.

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The Ramon Velez Health Center: A Comprehensive Healthcare Facility

As a healthcare professional, I am excited to share information about the Ramon Velez Health Center. This facility is a comprehensive healthcare center located in the heart of the city. It offers a range of medical services, from primary care to specialty care, to the local population.


One of the biggest advantages of the Ramon Velez Health Center is its emphasis on preventive care. It offers a wide range of preventative health services, such as routine check-ups, immunizations, and health education programs. Additionally, the center accepts many different types of health insurance, so patients can receive quality care at an affordable cost.

The center also has an on-site pharmacy and laboratory, making it easier for patients to access necessary medication and obtain vital lab results in a timely manner. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, which ensures accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.


One potential downside of the Ramon Velez Health Center is that it can be quite busy at times, which can lead to longer wait times for appointments. Additionally, some patients may have difficulty accessing the center if they live in remote areas outside the city. However, these issues can be mitigated by scheduling appointments in advance and considering transportation options.


Overall, the Ramon Velez Health Center provides numerous benefits to its patients. Its comprehensive healthcare services, preventive care focus, and acceptance of multiple insurance plans make it an accessible and affordable option for many individuals. The facility’s commitment to using advanced technology and having an on-site pharmacy and laboratory also reinforces its dedication to providing quality care to its patients.

If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality healthcare center, I highly recommend the Ramon Velez Health Center.

Ramon Velez Health Center – Wellness Practitioner FAQs

People also ask:

What types of services does Ramon Velez Health Center offer?

Ramon Velez Health Center offers a variety of wellness services, including mental health counseling, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, and fitness classes. We strive to offer a holistic approach to wellness to help our clients achieve optimal health.

Are the practitioners at Ramon Velez Health Center licensed?

Yes, all of our practitioners are licensed and certified in their respective fields. We take pride in providing our clients with high-quality care from experienced professionals.

Is Ramon Velez Health Center covered by insurance?

We accept a variety of insurance plans, but coverage may vary depending on your specific plan. We recommend contacting your insurance provider to confirm whether our services are covered under your plan.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes, we offer online booking through our website. Simply visit our website and select the service and practitioner you would like to book with. You can also give us a call to schedule an appointment.