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Boost Your SWGOH Gameplay with Health Steal Up - A Comprehensive Guide

Swgoh Health Steal Up

SWGOH Health Steal Up: Understanding the Mechanism and Its Implications


In the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) game, Health Steal Up is a useful ability that allows a character to recover a portion of their lost health upon delivering damage to an enemy. Health Steal Up also increases the character’s overall health steal percentage, making it easier for them to sustain in battles. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Health Steal Up mechanism, how it works, and what its implications are in gameplay.

Understanding the Health Steal Up Mechanism

Health Steal Up is one of the many abilities that can be found in the game. It works by increasing a character’s overall health steal percentage. When a character deals damage to an opponent, they will gain back a portion of their lost health based on their health steal percentage. The more Health Steal Up a character has, the higher their percentage will be, allowing them to recover more health in battle.It’s important to note that not all characters have Health Steal Up as an ability. Only a select few characters have this ability, and it’s mostly found in characters classified as attackers or support roles. Some notable examples include Darth Vader, Asajj Ventress, and General Grievous.

The Advantages of Health Steal Up

There are several advantages to having Health Steal Up as an ability in SWGOH. First and foremost, it allows a character to sustain themselves better in battle. Since they can recover lost health upon dealing damage, they’re less likely to die quickly in combat. This is particularly useful in longer battles or when facing opponents with high damage output.Another advantage is that Health Steal Up can help a character survive even without the support of healers or support characters. It allows them to be more self-sufficient and not rely on others for their survival.

Possible Disadvantages of Health Steal Up

While Health Steal Up has its advantages, it’s not a perfect ability. One of the main disadvantages is that it requires the character to deal damage to an opponent to gain back health. If the character is unable to deal damage, they won’t be able to recover lost health.Additionally, Health Steal Up may not be a viable option for all situations. For example, in certain battles or against certain opponents, Health Steal Up may not be as effective. Some opponents may have abilities that nullify or reduce health steal, making the ability less useful.

Using Health Steal Up in Gameplay

When using characters with Health Steal Up in SWGOH, it’s important to consider when and how to use the ability. It’s best used in scenarios where the character is likely to take damage, such as when facing tough opponents or in longer battles.It’s also important to consider other factors when using Health Steal Up. For example, characters with high damage output are ideal candidates for this ability since they’re more likely to deal significant damage and recover lost health.

The Importance of Gear and Mods

A character’s gear and mods play a crucial role in their ability to use Health Steal Up effectively. Characters with higher gear levels will have a higher health steal percentage, increasing their ability to recover lost health.Equipping the right mods is also essential. Mods that increase a character’s physical damage and critical chance can improve their damage output, which in turn increases their health steal percentage. Similarly, mods that increase a character’s overall health can make them more durable in combat.


In summary, Health Steal Up is a useful ability found in SWGOH that allows characters to recover lost health upon dealing damage. It’s particularly useful for characters with high damage output and in scenarios where the character is likely to take damage. While it has its advantages, it may not be suitable for all situations, and it requires careful consideration of other factors such as gear and mods.Ultimately, using Health Steal Up effectively requires a good understanding of the mechanism and when and how to use it in gameplay. By doing so, players can maximize the potential of their characters and gain an advantage in battles.


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SWGOH Health Steal Up: Understanding its Pros, Cons, and Benefits

In the world of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH), players are constantly looking for ways to improve their gameplay strategies. One such strategy that has gained popularity is the use of health steal up. This ability offers several benefits but also comes with some disadvantages. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about SWGOH Health Steal Up.

What is SWGOH Health Steal Up?

Health steal up is an ability in SWGOH that allows a character to steal a portion of their target’s health when they attack. This ability is particularly useful when fighting against high-health bosses or characters as it provides the attacker with a quick boost in health.

Pros of SWGOH Health Steal Up

The primary benefit of health steal up is that it keeps the player’s characters alive for longer. When a character steals health, they can heal themselves, protecting them from damage and giving them more time to take down enemies. This is particularly useful in raids or galactic war battles where enemies have high health or deal significant damage. By combining health steal up with other abilities like turn meter manipulation or debuffs, players can create potent strategies that allow them to outlast their opponents.

Another advantage of health steal up is that it allows characters to become self-sufficient. Since characters can heal themselves during combat, they are less reliant on their team members for healing support. This means players can create teams that focus on different abilities without worrying as much about healing.

Cons of SWGOH Health Steal Up

The main disadvantage of health steal up is that it is not a reliable source of healing. Health steal up only triggers when a character lands an attack on their opponent. If they miss or their attack is resisted, they will not receive any healing benefits. Additionally, teams that rely on health steal up can struggle against enemies with high tenacity or control as they are less likely to land attacks.

Another drawback of health steal up is that it is not as effective against teams that have high damage output. If a team can deal significant damage to a player’s characters before they’re able to steal health, the ability becomes much less useful.

Benefits of SWGOH Health Steal Up

Overall, SWGOH Health Steal Up offers several benefits. It helps players to stay alive and become more self-sufficient, which frees them to create new strategies that focus on other abilities. Additionally, health steal up allows players to take on challenging opponents, including high-health bosses or characters, and come out victorious.

In conclusion, SWGOH Health Steal Up is a valuable ability that players should consider including in their gameplay strategy. However, it is important to remember that it is not a cure-all and players should diversify their characters and abilities to ensure success.

SWGOH Health Steal Up FAQs

What is health steal in SWGOH?

Health steal is a mechanic in SWGOH that allows a character to regain health when they deal damage to an enemy. The amount of health regained is a percentage of the damage dealt, and can be increased with certain abilities or mods.

How does health steal up work?

Health steal up increases the amount of health regained through health steal by a certain percentage. This can be useful for characters with high damage output, as they can regain more health when dealing damage to enemies.

Which characters have health steal up in SWGOH?

There are several characters in SWGOH that have health steal up as part of their kit or through abilities. Some examples include Kylo Ren Unmasked, Darth Vader, and Darth Traya.

Is health steal up a valuable stat in SWGOH?

Health steal up can be a valuable stat for characters that rely on their health pool, especially in longer battles. However, it may not be as useful for characters with low damage output or who do not take damage frequently.

Is health steal up better than regeneration in SWGOH?

Health steal up and regeneration both have their benefits in SWGOH. Health steal up allows for immediate health gain when dealing damage, while regeneration provides a continuous stream of healing over time. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs of the character or team.