Boost Your Squad's Health with Health Steal Up in SWGoH: Tips and Strategies

Health Steal Up Swgoh

Are you Ready to Health Steal Up in SWGOH?


Health Stealing is one of the most sought after abilities in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, particularly if you’re trying to strengthen your tank or character with higher health points. This ability enables your characters to steal a portion of the enemy’s health which helps them stay alive longer or heal up right before they take fatal damage.

What is Health Stealing in SWGOH?

Health Stealing is a powerful ability given to some characters in SWGOH. Whenever a character with Health Stealing does damage, they will deal some healing to their own health pool as well. This is great for characters with high health values, as it allows them to sustain themselves even better in the face of enemy attacks, or take on powerful opponents.

The Benefits of Health Stealing in SWGOH

One of the biggest benefits of health stealing is that it enables characters to survive much longer in combat. Characters can take on much tougher enemies, and they’ll be able to heal themselves along the way. Another big benefit of having access to health steals is that it makes certain hard-to-beat tiers much more manageable.

Top Characters with Health Stealing Ability

Some of the most effective characters with Health Stealing in SWGOH include Grand Master Yoda, Sith Assassin, Jedi Knight Revan, Phoenix Squad, Nightsister and Darth Nihilus. These characters can benefit a lot from this ability as it makes them adrenaline pumping and beefs up their health stats.

How to Upgrade Health Stealing Ability in SWGOH

To upgrade the Health Stealing ability for your characters, you will need to invest resources such as ability materials and training droids. These can be found through various game modes such as Galactic War, Arena Battles, and missions. Invest in the right materials to level up their ability above Level 3 to get the maximum advantage of the skill.

Tips to Use Health Stealing Ability

The Health Stealing ability is best used when your character is being attacked by an enemy who does not have a high health threshold. With this ability, you can take more damage from weaker enemies without worrying about dying, while also replenishing your own health pool at the same time. Additionally, try to target enemies who are not immune to healing, in order to make the most of your health stealing ability.


If you have characters with Health Stealing abilities in SWGOH, it’s essential to prioritize leveling up this ability as much as possible. This will give them access to the most potent healing effect, which can help them stay alive longer and fight harder in combat. Health Stealing is one of the game’s most powerful attributes, and players should strive to use it to its fullest advantage in order to stay on top of the leaderboard. So, ready to Health Steal Up?

Health Steal Up

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The Health Steal Up: A Powerful Tool in SWGoH

Are you tired of losing battles in SWGoH due to low health points? The Health Steal Up may be the solution you need. This powerful tool can help you recover health and gain an advantage over your opponent. Read on to find out more about the pros, cons, and benefits of using Health Steal Up.

Pros of Using Health Steal Up

One of the most significant advantages of Health Steal Up is that it allows your character to regain health during battles. This means that if your character is low on health and facing imminent defeat, activating Health Steal Up can help turn the tide in your favor. Additionally, with the help of Health Steal Up, you can engage in longer battles without worrying about running out of health or losing too soon.Another pro of Health Steal Up is that it does not require any special equipment, mods, or abilities. Most characters in SWGoH have access to this tool, which makes it a universal strategy that players can use regardless of their level or experience. Furthermore, since Health Steal Up is a passive ability, you don’t need to worry about activating it manually or using up valuable turns.

Cons of Using Health Steal Up

While there are many benefits to using Health Steal Up, it’s important to be aware of its potential downsides as well. One major disadvantage of Health Steal Up is that it may not be enough to save a character with low health points. If your character is already severely weakened, activating Health Steal Up may not be enough to save them from defeat.Another potential con of Health Steal Up is that some characters may not have access to this tool or may have limited use of it. For example, characters that focus on dealing damage instead of defense may not benefit as much from Health Steal Up. Additionally, some characters may require specific mods or equipment to maximize the effectiveness of Health Steal Up.

Benefits of Using Health Steal Up

Overall, there are numerous benefits to using Health Steal Up in SWGoH. This tool can help you recover health during battles, which can be a game-changer in long or challenging fights. Additionally, Health Steal Up is easy to use and accessible to all players, regardless of their experience level.Finally, Health Steal Up can be combined with other tools and strategies to create a well-rounded and effective approach to battles in SWGoH. By combining Health Steal Up with tools like buffs, debuffs, and special moves, you can create a powerful and versatile approach that can handle any opponent.In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to improve your odds of winning battles in SWGoH, Health Steal Up is an essential tool to consider. While it’s not without its downsides, the benefits of using Health Steal Up make it a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal. So, start incorporating Health Steal Up into your battle strategies today and watch as you gain an advantage over your opponents!

Health Steal Up SWGOH – Frequently Asked Questions

How does Health Steal Up work in SWGOH?

Health Steal Up is a game mechanic that allows characters to % gain of health for any damage inflicted through basic or special abilities. This percentage can range anywhere from 5% to 100% depending on the character’s traits, abilities and gear.

What are some characters with Health Steal Up abilities in SWGOH?

Some popular characters with Health Steal Up abilities include Darth Sion, Kylo Ren, Savage Opress, and General Grievous. However, there are many other characters with this ability that can be effective depending on your team composition and strategy.

Is Health Steal Up better than Health Steal?

It depends on the character and their specific abilities. Health Steal grants a set percentage of health back on each hit, while Health Steal Up allows for a percentage gain of health for any damage done through abilities. Generally speaking, Health Steal Up is more preferred for characters whose main source of damage comes from their abilities rather than basic attacks, but the effectiveness ultimately depends on the character’s unique traits and abilities.

How can I increase the effectiveness of Health Steal Up in SWGOH?

There are several ways to increase the effectiveness of Health Steal Up in SWGOH. One way is to upgrade the character’s abilities and gear to increase their overall stats. Another way is to pair them with other characters who can grant buffs or debuffs to further enhance their abilities. It’s also important to consider the team composition as a whole to ensure that each character’s strengths are being utilized effectively.