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Expert Maternal-Fetal Medicine Care in Shipyard | Novant Health

Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine - Shipyard

Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard: Enhancing Care and Support for High-Risk Pregnancies

Pregnancy is a life-altering experience that can be challenging, exciting, and full of surprises. While most pregnancies come with little to no complications, some women may require specialized care due to pre-existing medical conditions, multiple gestations, or other risk factors. For these women, receiving specialized care during pregnancy and childbirth becomes crucial. This is where maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) providers come in.

What is Maternal-Fetal Medicine?

Maternal-fetal medicine or MFM is a subspecialty of obstetrics and gynecology that focuses on the diagnosis, management, and treatment of high-risk pregnancies. Any pregnancy where the mother or fetus is at an increased risk of complications or adverse outcomes is considered a high-risk pregnancy. MFM specialists are trained to provide advanced ultrasound diagnostics, prenatal testing, and genetic counseling for pregnant women deemed high-risk.

Why Choose Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Shipyard?

Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the Shipyard location in Wilmington, North Carolina, provides exceptional care for women with high-risk pregnancies. The team of experienced MFM specialists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques to optimize maternal and fetal health outcomes. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Shipyard for your high-risk pregnancy care needs:

Access to Advanced Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound diagnostics forms a significant part of high-risk pregnancy care, and at Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Shipyard, you get access to advanced ultrasound services. The facility boasts of state-of-the-art equipment, including 3D and 4D ultrasound, fetal echocardiogram, and Doppler imaging. This allows for early detection of fetal anomalies, monitoring of fetal development and growth, and identification of potential complications in pregnancy in real-time.

In-House High-Risk Pregnancy Management

When it comes to high-risk pregnancies, management requires a collaborative effort from different healthcare professionals, from MFM specialists to neonatologists and pediatric subspecialists. At Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Shipyard, you get comprehensive care under one roof. The facility has an in-house Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which provides specialized care for premature and critically ill newborns. Additionally, the team works closely with other specialists to ensure that both mother and baby receive the necessary tests, monitoring, and treatment to optimize their health outcomes.

Experienced and Caring Healthcare Team

Pregnancy, particularly in high-risk cases, can be stressful and overwhelming. Having a healthcare team that is both experienced and compassionate can make all the difference. At Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Shipyard, you can expect nothing short of exceptional care. The healthcare team comprises of board-certified and fellowship-trained maternal-fetal medicine specialists, nurses, genetic counselors, and other supporting staff who are dedicated to providing patient-centered care.

Tips to Manage a High-Risk Pregnancy

If you have been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy, you may feel anxious or stressed about what the future holds. While each pregnancy is different, there are some general tips that can help you manage your high-risk pregnancy better:

1. Attend Regular Prenatal Visits

Regular prenatal visits allow your MFM specialist to monitor your and your baby’s health closely. This helps in early detection of any potential complications or issues that may arise during pregnancy.

2. Follow Your Healthcare Team’s Recommendations

Your healthcare team will recommend some lifestyle and other changes to optimize your health and improve fetal outcomes. It is essential to adhere to their advice and follow their recommendations to the latter.

3. Seek Emotional Support

Pregnancy, particularly high-risk ones, can be an emotional rollercoaster. Seeking emotional support from family, friends, or healthcare professionals can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress.

4. Stay Informed

Educate yourself about high-risk pregnancy and learn as much as you can about your condition. This will help you make informed decisions and feel more in control of your pregnancy journey.

Final Thoughts

High-risk pregnancies can be stressful and challenging, but with the right care and support, the outcome can be positive. Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Shipyard offers exceptional care, utilizing advanced technology and led by experienced MFM specialists who work hand in hand with other healthcare professionals to ensure optimal maternal and fetal outcomes. If you have a high-risk pregnancy or require specialized care, you don’t have to look any further than Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Shipyard.

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Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard: An Overview

If you are expecting a baby, it’s important to receive the appropriate medical care in order to support the health and wellness of both you and your child. Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard provides specialized care for high-risk pregnancies, making it a popular destination for expectant mothers in the Wilmington, NC area.

The Pros of Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard

One of the main advantages of Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard is the quality of care provided by skilled professionals with specialized training. The clinic also offers advanced diagnostics, including genetic testing and ultrasound technology to accurately monitor the health of the fetus, which can help to detect any potential issues or abnormalities early on in the pregnancy. In addition, expectant mothers at Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard will be closely monitored and receive personalized care throughout their pregnancy.

Furthermore, Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard has a comprehensive approach to maternal-fetal medicine, providing patients with access to other healthcare services such as dietitian consultation and lactation support, as well as a range of educational resources on topics such as nutrition, exercise and stress management.

The Cons of Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard

One potential disadvantage of Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard could be that the specialized care provided may come at a higher cost to patients than regular OB-GYN care. Additionally, because it is a more specialized clinic, there may be longer wait times for appointments or certain procedures.

Benefits of Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard

Despite the potential cons, the benefits of Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard are numerous. This clinic offers advanced care and support for high-risk pregnancies, which can help expectant mothers to feel more at ease throughout their pregnancy journey. With access to the most advanced diagnostic tools and a team of highly trained healthcare professionals, patients can have peace of mind knowing that both they and their baby are receiving the best possible care.


Overall, Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard is a top choice for expectant mothers who are looking for specialized care during their pregnancy. Despite the potential cons, the benefits offered by this clinic are numerous and can provide incredible peace of mind to patients who may be experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. For those seeking comprehensive maternal-fetal care and support, Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard is certainly worth considering.

Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard FAQ

What is Maternal-Fetal Medicine?

Maternal-Fetal Medicine is a specialized branch of medicine that focuses on the care of pregnant women and their unborn babies. It involves management of high-risk pregnancies, fetal diagnostic testing, monitoring fetal growth and development, and the prevention and treatment of complications that may occur during pregnancy.

What services does Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard offer?

Novant Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Shipyard offers care for high-risk pregnancies, fetal diagnostic testing, including ultrasound and genetic testing, and consultation services for obstetricians and other healthcare providers.

Who can benefit from Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Novant Health?

Women with high-risk pregnancies, such as those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes or hypertension or those carrying multiples, can benefit from Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Novant Health. Additionally, women who have had complications during previous pregnancies, women with abnormal fetal ultrasound findings, or those who are concerned about their pregnancy can also benefit from our services.

What should I expect during my first Maternal-Fetal Medicine appointment at Novant Health?

During your first appointment, you will meet with a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist who will review your medical history and perform a comprehensive evaluation. This may include a physical examination, ultrasound, and fetal testing as needed. Your provider will discuss your risks and options for monitoring and managing your pregnancy.

Do I need a referral to see a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist at Novant Health?

In general, a referral from your obstetrician or other healthcare provider is required to see a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist at Novant Health. However, in certain situations, such as those with a high-risk pregnancy or abnormal fetal findings, your provider may refer you directly for a consultation with our team.