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Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry


Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry is a healthcare facility that provides medical services to residents of Gallia County and surrounding areas in West Virginia. The hospital is renowned for its state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and its team of experienced and dedicated healthcare experts.


The hospital was established in 1961 as a small clinic aimed at providing medical care to residents of French City, Gallia County. Over time, the facility has grown into a modern healthcare center with specialized units that cater to patients with various conditions. With advances in technology, Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry has embraced innovation in patient care, making it a trusted healthcare provider in the region.

Medical Services

Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry offers a range of medical services to patients, including emergency care and outpatient diagnostics. They have specialized services, such as cancer diagnosis and treatment, radiology, cardiology, and mental health services. They collaborate with top medical professionals to provide quality care to their patients.

Emergency Care Services

Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry has an emergency department that operates around the clock. It is equipped with modern medical equipment like EKG, CT scans, and X-rays, which help in diagnosing severe medical conditions accurately. Moreover, the hospital has physicians and nurses trained in emergency medicine ready to attend to patients who need medical attention immediately.

Outpatient Diagnostic Services

The hospital also has an outpatient diagnostic center that offers various diagnostic services like laboratory tests, X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, and ultrasounds. The outpatient diagnostic center is manned by competent and courteous medical professionals who ensure that patients receive top-notch diagnostic services to guarantee accurate results.

Cancer Treatment

Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry has excellent cancer diagnosis and treatment services, provided in conjunction with the James Cancer Center at The Ohio State University. Patients diagnosed with cancer receive pre-treatment evaluation, diagnosis, and a range of treatment options for cancer, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy alongside other expert supportive care services.


Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry provides various radiology services to patients. Radiology technology is vital in screening, diagnosing and treating medical conditions, especially for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. The hospital’s radiology department uses state-of-the-art equipment that is managed by experienced radiology technologists to conduct tests in a personalized, safe and accurate manner.


The hospital has an exceptional cardiology unit that deals with heart diseases like heart attack, stroke, and arrhythmia. The specialist physicians in the unit provide the latest treatments for patients with heart disease, such as EKG, Heart ultrasound, and angioplasty. They also have trained nurses who offer patient counseling and post-treatment care.

Mental Health Services

People suffering from mental illnesses can receive care at Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry. They have skilled psychiatrists and psychologists who are available to offer evaluations, diagnosis, and psychotherapy sessions to people seeking mental health support. The facility offers personalized approach to mental health problems, ensuring that the diagnosis, medication, and care offered to each individual patient is suited to their specific needs.


Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry is a healthcare facility that provides excellent medical services to residents of Gallia County and the surrounding areas. They have invested in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and have a capable team of medical professionals who strive to ensure that each patient achieves desirable treatment outcomes. The hospital is dedicated to providing quality medical care to their patients, making them a leading healthcare provider in the region.

Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry

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Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry: Your Ultimate Destination for Exceptional Medical Care

When it comes to healthcare, finding a practitioner that offers quality care can make a huge difference in the outcomes achieved. Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry is one such institution that has been providing excellent medical services to its patients. Here are some of the pros, cons, and benefits of Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry.


Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry boasts of highly trained medical staff who provide individualized care to meet the unique health needs of each patient. Their facilities are equipped with modern technology, ensuring accurate diagnoses and highly effective treatment options. The various medical services offered at this institution range from primary care to specialized treatments such as cardiology, pulmonary medicine, and gastroenterology.

Apart from standard medical procedures, Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry also offers wellness programs that help in managing chronic conditions, improving overall health and preventing the onset of diseases. The convenient location of the institution also makes it easily accessible, allowing patients to receive timely care in emergencies or urgent situations.


One of the few drawbacks of Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry is that the cost of medical services might be out of reach for some individuals who do not have medical insurance coverage. Also, some of the specialist services available may be limited in scope, leading to longer waiting times.


Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry offers numerous benefits to patients seeking quality medical care. Some of the advantages of seeking medical attention from this institution include excellent medical care, advanced medical technology, individualized care, convenient location, and access to specialized medical services.

Besides, Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry places a strong emphasis on preventive care by offering various wellness programs aimed at keeping patients healthy and disease-free. The institution has a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who are passionate about their jobs and committed to improving the lives of their patients.


If you need quality medical services, Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry could be an excellent option for you. The institution’s highly trained medical staff, modern technology, and various medical services make it an ideal location for anyone seeking specialized medical care. Overall, Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry is committed to providing exceptional care to improve the overall health of its patients, making it an outstanding healthcare provider in the region.

What services does Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry offer?

Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry offers a wide range of medical services including primary care, family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, women’s health, occupational health, physical therapy and more. They provide comprehensive healthcare to patients of all ages.

Do they accept insurance?

Yes, Valley Health Gallipolis Ferry accepts most major insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. They work with patients to ensure affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

Can I make an appointment online?

Yes, you can make an appointment online through the Valley Health website. You can also call their office to schedule an appointment over the phone.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

You should bring your insurance information, photo identification and any relevant medical records or test results. It is also helpful to prepare a list of questions or concerns you may have for your healthcare provider.

How do I refill a prescription?

You can request a prescription refill by calling your provider’s office or using the Valley Health patient portal. Please allow additional time for processing and delivery of medications.