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Unhealthy Habits That Can Damage Your Skin

Let’s face it; everyone wants to appear presentable and attractive when they go out and meet other people. And someone’s first impression of you will most likely be based on how you look, how you dress, and how you handle yourself. You spend for professional beauty services and products to make sure you always look good.

Your appearance is a key tool when you want to ‘market’ your image and yourself as an individual. And with skin being such a visible part of your body, you want to prioritise taking good care of it.

However, keeping it healthy and youthful looking is easier said than done. You could be using the best beauty products and regimens yet still end up with a dull and unattractive complexion. What could be wrong?

You could be doing these unhealthy habits.

1. Smoking.

Tobacco use is known to be harmful no matter your age. Many have experienced terrible diseases like lung cancer, tuberculosis, and even stroke due to smoking. If you want your skin to look fair and young, then you might want to kick this unhealthy habit. It is known to cause premature ageing of the skin, causing wrinkles and yellow discoloration. Also, it is known to increase your risk of getting skin cancer.

2. Lack of sleep.

Do you notice that your complexion looks dry and sickly when you don’t get enough hours of snoozing? If you do not get much sleep, it actually shows when you wake up, making you look tired and zombie-like. You might want to try the recommended 8-hour sleep to feel refreshed and look fresh when you wake up. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try doing some yoga that can help our mind and body relax.

3. Scratching scars or insect bites.

One of the biggest mistake people make is when they pick or scratch their scars or rashes. If you scratch a particular part of your body, your mind will then transmit a sensation even if there is no longer an itch in that area. So you keep on scratching even when it’s not actually itchy, thus worsening the wound. If you ever get rashes or insect bites, apply an anti-itch cream instead to stop the itching.

4. Not applying sunscreen when going out.

Every day, the sun tends to get hotter and hotter, putting people more at risk of skin cancer. Many people don’t bother to use sunscreen as they don’t really care if they get exposed to the heat of the sun. Some also want to get a more tan complexion. However, too much UV exposure is already damaging.

One way to reduce the risk of skin cancer is to practice the habit of applying sunscreen before going out of the house. Use sunblock that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or above.

5. Using the wrong skincare products.

There are so many products out in the market so finding one you like is not problem. The problem is only a few people know the type of skincare products they actually need. Some just buy a particular lotion or cream because it’s a popular brand or is used by their favourite celebrity or beauty guru.

When choosing skincare products, you should first know what type of skin you have. Then, you should do some research on which brands are best to use on your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, it’s advisable to use products that are water-based.

Also, if you ever have side effects like itching or flaking after using a skincare product, then it might be a sign that it is not for you. You can consult with a dermatologist to get a professional opinion and recommendation.

6. Not removing make-up.

Women love to wear make-up because they want to enhance their beauty. And as long as you use the right type of make-up products on your face, they shouldn’t harm your skin.

If you’re not sure what toners, blushes, and eye shadows are ideal for you, then consult with a beauty professional. You can set an appointment through BeautynBridal so an expert can provide you services in your own home.

Aside from applying the right type of products, you should make it a point to remove your make-up at the end of the day. However, there are women who tend to forget this after spending the night out with their friends. Or perhaps they’re just too tired and put it off for cleaning everything in one go when they’ll take a shower the next morning.

If you do not remove make-up before going to bed, a layer of dirt will form on your face and it will become harder to remove. That build-up can cause unwanted growths and damage to your beautiful face.

There are make-up removers that can make the process faster and easier. And a few more minutes of doing that each night will be worth sacrificing if it means your skin won’t end up with breakouts and other problems.

7. Using dirty make-up tools.

An important rule for those who apply make-up is to never share your brush or sponge with anyone. This is because you never really know how clean and healthy someone else’s skin might be. Your brushes and sponges could absorb whatever bacteria and dirt is hiding on their face.

Aside from that, keep your make-up tools hygienic by cleaning them regularly. Not doing this allows the growth of bacteria, which could transfer to your face and give you infections.

Taking good care of your appearance and overall health means avoiding unhealthy habits. So adopt better skincare practices and healthier lifestyle choices to enjoy looking and feeling young, beautiful, and glowing.

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