Tips on Growing Marijuana for Medical Use

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug. Generally, marijuana is a gray, green or brown mixture of shredded and dried flowers, stems, leaves as well as seeds of the hemp plant. THC is the active chemical in marijuana, which is mind altering. Using marijuana in cooking provides an option to smoking or inhaling the substance to get high. Marijuana recipes offer an exciting experience that is unforgettable. Also, marijuana recipes are valuable to the user if the marijuana is mixed with oil to preserve the effect of the plant. This is because the key psychoactive component of marijuana is fat soluble. One point to consider when making the marijuana recipes is the amount of the THC that is appropriate for your condition. The major THC infusion ingredients include:

  • Butter
  • Alcohol
  • Flour
  • Oil
  • Milk

Individuals consume marijuana edibles to treat the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Chronic pain
  • Nausea
  • Wasting syndrome

marijuana recipes

Cultivating marijuana indoors

Marijuana can be grown by people in the privacy and security of their homes. Currently, the high-intensity discharge lamps have enhanced the indoor marijuana horticulture. Insight on how to grow marijuana indoors offers a horticulturist the basics needed to succeed in this venture. One should ensure that the growth requirements for marijuana are met to avoid the death of the plants. These requirements include:

  • Nutrients
  • Light
  • Air
  • Water
  • Growing medium
  • Right temperature

Indoors should have appropriate light intensity and spectrum. In addition, the air should be rich in carbon dioxide, warm, sufficient in moisture that is not excessive and arid. As for the growing medium, it should contain adequate levels of nutrients for sturdy growth. Fulfilling theses needs ensures optimum growth results. Check out CTU.

Marijuana Plants

A healthy marijuana plant undergoes several phases of development from seed to weed. Facts on how to grow marijuana plants entail guidelines that assure the best product outcome. These guidelines include:

  • Inactive seeds. These seeds are produced by two parent plants that reproduce ‘sexually’. It implies that the seed consist of female and male genes.
  • Sprouting stage. This phase occurs when the seeds are exposed to moisture and water.
  • Seedling state. For sturdy plants, it takes approximately three to seven days for a ‘sprout’ to develop into a ‘seedling’. The seedling stage lasts between three to six weeks.
  • Vegetative state. This phase is reached when a plant starts to generate large green leaves at a fast rate.
  • Flowering stage. This is the last stage of the marijuana cycle, which is critical for smokers and growers.

How to Grow Medical Marijuana Plants

Medical marijuana is used to treat a symptom or an illness. The marijuana is important because of its cannabinoids chemicals. Medical marijuana plants are grown by:

  • A licensed physician,
  • A qualified patient
  • A designated primary caregiver

Determination of how to grow medical marijuana plants is achieved through the following steps:

  • First obtain a prescription from a physician.
  • Select seeds that match the medical condition being treated.
  • Locate a place where there is sufficient light.
  • Germinate the seeds using your preferred technique.
  • Plant the seeds in fertile soil.
  • Note the different sexes of plants.
  • Harvest.


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