Skin Benefits You Didn’t Know You’d Get from Yoga

Let’s face it; everyone wants to achieve that young, glowing, and healthy skin. It makes a person appear neat and attractive that is why people turn to skin care products. What people do not know is that there are other ways to achieve that healthy skin.

One misconception about yoga is that it is only an exercise that keeps a person flexible and puts them into a relaxing state when they are feeling down. However, yoga improves every aspect about you as a person including your health and your views in life. So what does yoga have to offer aside from keeping you fit and mentally healthy? Below is a list of surprising skin benefits you can get from yoga. Read on:

1. It helps sweat out the toxins in your body.

With proper exercise and execution of yoga poses, you will most likely release the toxins in your body. For example, if you have been eating unhealthy foods and alcohol during the weekend, you can easily sweat the toxins off by doing yoga poses. Doing so will lessen the chances of acne breakouts.

2. It calms your skin.

One way to nourish your body is to practice yoga poses. With this, they are able to let go of the stress and anxiety from the outside world. This allows them to create a sense of calmness during breathing techniques. Additionally, yoga poses such as the spinal twist allows a person to breathe down slowly and puts the body in a relaxing state. This is the time where the blood flow increases and fills up with the oxygen your body needs. As a result, it will make your skin glow and healthy.

3. It reduces inflammation of the skin.

Unhealthy food, stress, and a toxic environment can cause your skin to inflame. Acne is considered to be an inflammation of the skin and can become irritable over time. Yoga poses such as sun salutations can reduce acne or any other skin inflammation. With regular yoga exercises, you are sure to clear away acne on your skin.

4. It promotes proper digestion.

With proper digestion or a healthy digestive tract, you are sure to achieve that young and clear skin. One way to keep your digestive tract healthy is by circulating blood flow through yoga. The regular twists and poses are designed to keep the blood flow of your digestive tract moving and act as a detoxification process. Once blood flow is able to circulate in your digestive tract, expect yourself to have more radiant and glowing skin.

5. It balances your hormones.

The great thing about yoga is that it restores and regulates the hormones in our bodies. If hormones tend to get imbalanced, that is when breakouts, acne, and fatigue set in. There are various poses like camel pose and cobra pose that can help stimulate your hormones and keep them balanced leading to a healthier you.

6. It cuts down cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone that transports adrenal glands around the body. Too much cortisol in your body can cause a lot of symptoms like:

  • Rapid gain weight especially in the abdomen, face, and arms.
  • Bruises and purple stretch marks in the body.
  • Flushed face.

Having high cortisol levels in the body can affect one’s skin but if you turn to yoga to have a better-looking skin, then you will be cutting down cortisol in no time.

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