Redefining the patient experience with family clinics

In a bid to have a  better integrated care for all families, there are severalfamily medical centres across Australia. If a family can get a range of physicians under one roof for their needs, it can be time saving. It calls for family medical practice at a level where different doctors are available at extended hours. It makes the patient experience very pleasant. At least for some time the illness is driven off the mind as one relaxes in the clean lobbies or waiting room. These one-stop clinics are being favored as they are redefining the patient experience.

family medical practice

Use the Internet for convenient appointment bookings

There is an online booking system that takes care of the appointments. With everyone on the Internet, it is easier to make bookings for appointments online. This is a new family medical practice that patients find easy to deal with. There is also a kids’ play area to make sure that the children do not disturb the other people in the waiting room. With appointments it makes sure that the doctors see the patient on time and no one has to wait for longer than required. There is enough gap between patients and the GPs listen to the patients’ complaints as regards their health and understand their health care needs. Also, both patients and GPs are busy, and hence, it makes sense if the appointments are made keeping the busy lifestyle in mind. This concept has now become popular across many areas and the patients feel the difference in the service providers.

Extended working hours are helpful

There was a time when GPs worked during fixed hours. Society has changed now and it has become important that there be extended working hours for all kinds of family medical centre services. This way, one can come before or after work at leisure. The clinics are spread across southeast Queensland and can be accessed online. To locate any onefamily medical centre or a specific doctor, one can check online. The doctors are knowledgeable and experienced in health care. They can treat patients of any nationality and ages. It helps an outsider to know that in the country of their work they can get good healthcare.

The doctors in these medical centres specialize in skin care lesions, chronic diseases, sexual health, immunization and family care. Other doctors take care of sports and musculoskeletal and women’s health A few doctors speak the language of the patient thus breaking barriers to understand the needs of the patient. Most doctors who are connected tofamily medical practice regularly, have a combined experience of nearly 40 years of treatment.

Sharing relationship with patients

Each doctor has an understanding and a good relationship with every individual patient. They are trained in being sensitive to the healthcare needs and privacy of the patients as well. Each doctor has his own specialization that makes sure the patient is treated well. Furthermore, the smart clinics also offer vaccination for flu and travelling abroad. Overall, it is a successful idea for health and peace of mind for everyone involved. Indeed, nothing and no one beats a healthy family.

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