Life in Aged Care Homes: Helping Your Parents Ease into Assisted Living

When you parents hit old age, you start looking after their long-term needs, searching for ways to make their golden years comfortable and memorable.

You have two options – home care or assisted living.

Either one is a great option, as the choice will depend on your parents’ health conditions and care needs. A more immediate concern is how to help them move in an aged care residence when necessary.

As if convincing your parents to move into a care residence is not tricky enough, you also need to help them comfortably transition to living in an aged care home.

Transferring to a new place and adjusting to the lifestyle in a facility will not be easy to your parents. The least you can do is help them ease into the new life that they will be living. You might be asking how you can do that. How can you help your parents move into an aged care home?

The following tips will guide you on how you can assist your parents and make them feel better after moving into an aged care facility.

Raise the Idea without Pushing

Before you start making arrangements with the center you have chosen, talk with your parents about placing them in a facility. You have to ensure that they are comfortable with the idea of moving in there as well.

Do not make them feel like you are shipping them off away from you. Instead, make them understand that you are only looking out for them and the best choice for their health is to be in an aged care home. It will be easier for them to feel at home when they are not forced to move out and move in the facility.

A great approach would be to help them understand why there is a need for them to stay in an aged care residence. Point out the benefits of doing so and what your parents can expect from such an arrangement. Better yet, have someone from an aged care home visit and speak to your parents.

Make sure the conversation is open, where your parents get to ask just about anything.

Pack Their Personal Belongings

Make sure that they have with them some personal belongings. Familiar items will help them feel more comfortable around their new home. It can be their favorite books, some photo albums and frames, or even their hobby kits.

Discuss with the facilitators of the aged care home on what residents can and cannot bring. Most facilities already have the basic commodities, so you can tick that off your list. The idea is to make your parents’ new home familiar as much as possible.

Stay in Touch but Give Them Space

When they’re in the center already, remember to keep the communication lines open at all times. They are most likely to miss you more during the earlier part of their stay. Go see them during the scheduled visits and bring them something that they might want or need until your next meeting.

However, you should also let them feel their independence. Let them make new friends and fully immerse themselves in the new community they will be spending their time with day to day.

At the end of the day, all you want for your aging parents is a good life with proper health care and medical assistance. With their old age, staying in an aged care home could be the best option for them and you are the most capable person to help them in adjusting to this new life. Keep this guide in mind as your parents start a new life in a new place and community.

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