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How to host a Simple but Creative Tea Party!

Afternoon tea parties are essentially an English custom that was used to entertain guests. While the genesis of the custom cannot really be traced, the ritual became widespread in the 1840s. A notable figure in the spread of the custom was Anna, the duchess of Bedford, who because of the long stretch of time between lunch and dinner always felt the hunger spells were unbearable and therefore saw the need to remedy the situation with a tray of tea and accompaniments in the afternoon. Eventually she spread the habit to her friends and soon it became a social event among the English aristocracy complete with guests, servants, fine linens among others. This practice however, slowly became decentralized and today everyone in any social class can have their afternoon tea party anywhere in the world where they can have tea and relax with a group of friends. If you love tea parties and baking scones, or are thinking of a mature baby shower event, then you can easily put something creative without necessarily having it stress you. This article gives insights on how you can have a low key, yet splendid tea party.

Choose simple creative activities to engage in

There are many things you can do in a tea party with friends. If for example your intent is to serve scones with tea, then you could have a baking scones mini-lesson. You can get the recipe online or from a trusted bakery and then give to your friends so you can engage in the exciting activity together. Furthermore, they will have something to carry home with them. Besides the baking, you could also have a coloring fest with printable and pencil colors. Other activities like DIY earrings, decorating pavlova and meringue desserts or cupcakes and cookies can also be taken up.

Serve tea and accompaniments in fancy cups

Having tea served in fancy cups takes your party to a whole new level. You can even serve the tea in a fancy way like the British complete with sugar cubes, honey and milk. You can also get different flavors of tea so that your friends can have their preferred flavors available. Don’t forget to have your meringue based desserts serving arranged in a neat manner too.

Have fun, it’s a party

Preparing for your tea party beforehand is always the best idea so that you can have enough time to spend with the guests. Alternatively, you can engage them in the activities so that you can spend time as you prepare the party like baking scones together. You could also directly source the desserts and scones from a trusted bakery like so you don’t have to worry about anything and spend your whole time merry making.

When a party comes to an end, it is always sad to watch people leave. However, you could always have them carry a small piece of you with them  like personalized mugs, tea flavors, dessert and  mini loaf recipes and even the left overs as well from the party. See, it’s quite easy to have that nice tea party.

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