The Fruitarian Diet, Rumors, Myths and the Truth.

In this day and age, there are a million different diets and ideas on how to lose weight and stay healthy. In this article we will focus on how to make the most out of all of the amazing fruits available without problems that may arise from only eating one type of food group. It is a well documented fact that only eating one type of food can be especially bad for you, as you can overload on some nutrients or chemicals while starving yourself of the essentials needed to stay healthy and live. Yes, it would be amazing if all you had to eat every day to survive was a few different, sweet tasting fruits, but alas, that is not possible. So, which fruits are best to eat daily, what kind of variety is there, and what can you supplement this diet with to complete your nutritional needs?

There has been a history of quackery, lies, and deceit in many circles for what can be described as unknown motives. Claims have been made with no evidence to support them that large amounts of vitamin C is linked to kidney stones. There is absolutely no evidence to support this, and many studies since have suggested otherwise.

Dietary nutritionists will generally agree that eating 100% fruit all the time day in and day out is a recipe for disaster. Doing this will not provide the protein and other nutrients that your body needs. Although there are currently some people touting this as a cure all or a solution to all of their problems, it is still recommended to make sure you have a balanced diet so that you don’t suffer long term illnesses or negative side effects. Actor Ashton Kutcher recently tried a 100% fruit diet, and within one month had admitted himself to the hospital. “I ended up in the hospital two days before we started shooting the movie. I was doubled over in pain, and my pancreas levels were completely out of whack, which was terrifying, considering everything.” Ashton tried this diet in preparation for his role as Steve Jobs, who ultimately died of pancreatic cancer himself.51b399df2aaa447904ac4fd8c7ba8933

With that understanding, let’s look at a few amazingly beneficial fruits out there and what they can do for you, as well as what you can eat on the side to supplement your craving.



Rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, dragon fruit, also known as “Pitaya”, is indigenous to South America. However, this impossible looking exotic fruit has been grown around the world. It is most prevalent in South East Asia and other oriental countries, and the prices in these areas can be five times lower than in the USA for example. This fruit contains compounds known to improve eyesight, protect against cancer, and improve digestion. As the author of this article I personally can say that dragon fruit changed my life. I can personally vouch for the benefits of eating one or two of these a day! Be careful, some people may not deal well with the amount of fructose in these fruits, and eating too many could be unhealthy for anyone due to the large amounts of natural sugars. Eat in moderation!



Loaded with more beta-carotene and vitamin C than even an orange, this fruit has long been revered. With a sweet yet tart flavor, they are easily prepared and added to a fruit salad, used alone in a smoothie or mixed with others.



This exotic, tropical fruit grows on trees mainly in southern China, Vietnam, and other south east Asian countries. It has a unique flavor that is lost with canning or preservation, so it is best eaten as picked. Lychee has long been cultivated in China, with a rich history going back nearly a thousand years. Recently there was a reported outbreak of a disease that proved fatal for many children in Vietnam and India that was linked with this fruit. In studies conducted afterwards, it was found that contact with bat waste and saliva from the unwashed fruit was likely the cause. This just proves that it is always best to thoroughly wash and clean any fruit before you consume it!


While Dragon Fruit and Papaya are relatively easy to find, many exotic fruits are not and can be very expensive as well.It is possible to grow your own, especially if you live in a temperate climate. The reason we mention these type of fruits is that if you were to consume only oranges, apples and pears all the time, that would get very boring, and many of these underrated fruits pack 2 or 3 times the punch in terms of healthiness than do those mundane regular every day staples!



As we mentioned at the beginning of this story, there is definitely evidence that eating ONLY fruit can be bad for you. Eating one of any food group all the time is unhealthy. If you would like to experience the benefit of a largely fruit diet, make it no more than around 70% of what you eat. Balance it out with protein rich vegetables, if you don’t want to eat eggs or drink milk, much less eat meat (gasp). Choose wisely, and enjoy these suggestions brought to you by!

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