5 Health Benefits You Can Get from Yoga

The health benefits of Yoga are endless but everyone knows it’s more than just lowering a person’s stress level. Yoga is famous for its mind and body workouts that help burn calories, encourage relaxation, and keep a person’s soul in good condition.

While yoga is mostly known for losing weight and keeping people relaxed at the same time, there are also benefits that go beyond them. Here are a 5 of them.

Yoga improves flexibility.

This is one of the first few things you will notice when you do yoga. During a class or session, you will be encouraged to reach the unreachable places and move in any way that you can. Exercises, like touching toes or doing backbends, are very hard during the first few tries but, if you have the determination to reach this goal, then you will achieve it.

With repetitive performance and practice, what used be back-breaking work will become easier for you. Sirsasana or Vinyasa, for example, will become easy as pie the next time you do it.

Yoga improves muscle strength.

Don’t you just feel powerless when you can’t lift objects, especially heavy ones? Yoga is one way to improve your muscle strength and lowers the risk of having arthritis, muscle pain, and prevent falls in seniors. Flexibility and strength are two important things that you need to improve to be able to stay fit and healthy.

Yoga improves posture.

Having poor posture can lead to a variety of problems like back pain and neck pain. Most people suffer from having bad posture mainly because of spending a lot of time sitting down and working on their computers. Yoga encourages people to focus on doing and achieving the exercises each session so they can improve their posture. After all, nothing is better than standing up straight looking all confident instead of slouching.

Yoga increases blood flow.

The exercises you learn will help circulate blood flow to different parts of your body, including your hands and feet. Yoga is also known for boosting red blood cells that provide oxygen to the tissues. Poses, such as headstand or handstand, can help the blood in the legs flow right back to the heart where it can be oxygenated. If you want to consider joining a yoga session, expect that the risk of you getting a heart attack or stroke will gradually decrease.

Yoga makes a person happier.

Tired of all the issues you have in life? Do you want to have some time alone to contemplate and refresh your mind? Yoga is said to keep everyone happy because of its relaxing effects. Consistent yoga practice will increase a person’s serotonin level and decrease the levels of monoamine oxidase. Serotonin is known to a researcher as a type of chemical that is responsible for balancing a person’s mood; a decrease in serotonin level will bring people to depression.

If you want to improve your life by staying healthy and happy, try out yoga and see where its surprising health benefits will take you.

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