Maximize Your Gameplay with SWGOH Health Steal: A Guide to Dominating the Galaxy

Swgoh Health Steal


SWGOH, an acronym for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, is a game that takes place in the Star Wars universe, offering players the unique opportunity to collect their favorite characters and build teams of heroes and villains to engage in turn-based battles. One of the critical strategies players can employ to increase their chances of winning is understanding and utilizing health steal in the game.

What is Health Steal?

Health steal is a mechanic in SWGOH that allows characters to recover health by dealing damage. Essentially, when a character with health steal hits another character, they will recover a percentage of the damage dealt back as health points. The amount of health recovered is dependent on various factors, including the character’s health steal stat, the damage dealt, and any bonuses or penalties in play.

How does Health Steal Work in SWGOH?

In SWGOH, health steal works similarly to life steal mechanics found in other games. To activate health steal, characters must deal damage to enemy characters. The amount of health recovered depends on various factors, including the amount of damage dealt, the health steal stat of the attacking character, and any bonuses or penalties applied.

Why is Health Steal Important in SWGOH?

The importance of health steal varies depending on the type of battle players are engaged in. However, generally speaking, the ability to regain lost health points can greatly increase a character’s sustainability and chances of surviving combat. In addition, specific game modes, such as Raids and Territory Wars, often have features that allow characters to recover health only through health steal. Thus, players who learn to incorporate health steal into their strategy are more likely to excel in these modes.

How to Utilize Health Steal in SWGOH

Now that we’ve established what health steal is and why it’s important let’s explore some strategies players can use to capitalize on it. Here are some tips:

1. Choose Characters with High Health Steal Stats

The more significant the health steal stat of a character, the more health points they will recover when dealing damage to an enemy. Hence, choosing characters with high health steal stats is an excellent way to boost your team’s sustainability.

2. Use Gear and Mods that Boost Health Steal

Another way to increase your team’s health steal potential is to equip them with gear and mods that boost the health steal stat. Doing so can significantly improve your team’s survivability.

3. Focus on Enemies with a Lower Health

When using health steal, it’s more effective to focus on enemies with lower health points. This is because the amount of health recovered is directly proportional to the damage dealt. Hence, hitting an enemy with low health points with a powerful attack can recover a significant chunk of lost health points.

4. Use Health Steal Counters to Gain Bonus Health

Some characters in SWGOH have abilities that offer bonus health gain when they deal damage through health steal. Utilizing these characters and their abilities can help players recover even more health points in combat.


In summary, health steal is a crucial mechanic in SWGOH that should not be overlooked when developing a winning strategy. By choosing characters with high health steal stats, using gear and mods to boost health steal, focusing on enemies with low health points, and utilizing characters with health steal counters, players can improve their chances of success in battles. Understanding and incorporating health steal into one’s gameplay can make a significant difference in the game’s various modes, including more challenging ones like Raids and Territory Wars. Whether players are new to the game or long-time SWGOH veterans, utilizing health steal should always be a part of their gameplay repertoire.

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SWGOH Health Steal: What It Is and How It Benefits You

If you’re an avid player of the mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH), then you’ve likely come across the term health steal in your battles. Health steal refers to an ability or effect that allows a character to gain health when they inflict damage on their opponents. In this article, we’ll explore the pros, cons, and benefits of health steal in SWGOH.

The Pros of Health Steal

The biggest advantage of health steal is that it allows a character to sustain themselves in battle. Instead of relying solely on a healer or health regeneration ability, a character with health steal can regain health while dealing damage to the enemy. This can be particularly useful in longer battles, where healing abilities may not be enough to keep the character alive.

Additionally, some characters’ abilities may trigger upon gaining health. For example, the Nightsister Zombie gains several beneficial effects when her health is restored, making her a powerful tank for any Nightsister team. This gives health steal even more utility, as it helps trigger these abilities more frequently.

The Cons of Health Steal

As with any ability or effect, there are downsides to using health steal in SWGOH. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it may not be effective against enemies with high debuff resistance. Many health steal abilities apply a debuff to the enemy, which allows the character to steal health. However, if the enemy has a high resistance to debuffs, the health steal may not work.

Additionally, some characters have abilities that specifically counter health steal. For example, the Sith Empire Trooper has an ability that reduces the amount of health steal his opponents can gain. If you’re relying on health steal to sustain yourself, then facing an opponent with abilities like this can make battles much more difficult.

The Benefits of Health Steal

Despite the cons, health steal is a very useful ability in SWGOH. By allowing characters to regain health while dealing damage, it gives them more versatility in battle. It also makes them less reliant on healers, which can free up other characters to focus on offense or support.

One of the greatest benefits of health steal is that it allows characters to solo content that they may not have been able to before. For example, some players have used characters like Darth Sion, who has a powerful health steal ability, to solo the Galactic Challenges. This can make it much easier to progress through the game and acquire valuable rewards.


In conclusion, health steal is a powerful ability in SWGOH that can greatly benefit your team. While it may have its drawbacks, such as being ineffective against opponents with high debuff resistance, the ability to sustain yourself while dealing damage is invaluable. With a well-rounded team that includes characters with health steal abilities, you’ll be able to take on even the toughest challenges and emerge victorious.

SWGOH Health Steal FAQs

What is Health Steal in SWGOH?

Health Steal is a stat in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes that allows characters to recover health equal to a percentage of the damage they deal with their attacks. This skill can be incredibly useful, especially for characters who have high attack power and who take a lot of damage from enemies.

Can all characters in SWGOH use Health Steal?

No, not all characters in SWGOH have Health Steal. This stat is typically found on characters who are more focused on dealing damage rather than supporting their allies. Certain factions, such as the Sith or Nightsisters, also tend to have more characters with Health Steal.

How is Health Steal calculated in SWGOH?

In SWGOH, Health Steal is calculated based on a percentage of the damage dealt by the character’s attack. For example, a character with 25% Health Steal would recover 25% of the damage they dealt with an attack as health. This percentage can be increased through character mods, abilities, and other factors.

What are some strategies for using Health Steal in SWGOH?

One strategy for using Health Steal in SWGOH is to pair characters with high attack power and Health Steal with tanks or characters who have high defense. This allows the attacking characters to deal damage and recover health while the tank absorbs most of the enemy attacks. Another strategy is to focus on characters with abilities that increase their Health Steal percentage, such as Darth Nihilus’ Annihilate ability.